Friday, May 21, 2010

flash games

yeah. flash games. that's all.

Here's a cool game to pass some time

You Only Live Once

Pretty rad, I wasn't prepared for what it would do to my preconceptions of videogames. There's a sequel but it tries too hard to cram pretentiousness into itself and it's predecessor.

I said 'pre' a lot because i can.


Here is another game that was unbelievably popular a few weeks ago

Super Mario Bros Crossover

Super Mario with a character selection screen, no sonic though, just nintendo characters. Megaman is a fucking pimp daddy anyway and started the whole blue lead character shiznick, if he isn't enough man for you then your obviously some kind of buttsniffing queermo with no time for video games because you need all your holes filled all the time. In that case you can fuck right off, how are you reading this anyway? Pretty sure that all you should be able to see is a skinny white guy's 'thug life' tattoo bobbing back and forth in front of your face. His gun is called a mega buster too, that's fucking cool and he shoots metal man in the face with it which is also cool. Then you steal his powers! and megaman isn't even black! Basically the only thing megaman does that isn't rad is not slapping protoman in the face everytime he shows up. Oh and taking wood man seriously, seriously all he does is throw leaves why would you ever need or want that power? just skip his stage megaman don't waste your time. Fucking bubbleman too, how does he work? I was popping bubbles when i was 5 and my right arm isn't a fucking cannon. I'm starting to doubt my devotion to megaman.


Lastly here's a game for the ladeyz



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