Sunday, September 27, 2009


Oh noes! OH NOES! the only thing I've ever accomplished in my life is a sham!

After people clued me in on the "Auckland Style" Luncheon Fellatio I wanted to give it a go so I made one just now.

It didn't work right! Physics fucked me in the ass! I don't think I've ever been sober enough to notice before, but as soon as you use the straws the loss of pressure in the vodka chamber causes a critical failure in the luncheon layer. The two spirits mix as soon as you stop sucking on the straws.

There are two possible fixes:

1.Drink it all in one go
This is an awesome fix and I don't know why it isn't a rule already.

2.Add a third straw that goes down to the vodka
This is a pretty cool fix because it adds another straw and I quite like straws.

Anyways photos and Auckland Style recipe to come shortly.

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